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Boegli Swiss Musical Pocketwatch Honoring America
After September 11 Boegli designed and launched the "America" pocketwatches as a tribute to the undying spirit of the United States of America. The handsome dial is done in the Great Seal of United States and the Reuge musical movement plays the first portion of the Star Spangled Banner. Available in choice of Rhodium or Gold plating.
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MMM Symphonion: Gold-plated Brass Mechanical Singing Bird Box Automaton
As you may have noticed we are kind of into mechanical singing birds. We were just thrilled a few years ago when we heard that MMM had agreed to purchase the tools, assets, and rights to produce some of the original Griesbaum singing bird box designs, and their own new ones. The mechanical singing bird automaton tradition continues and is in great hands. Each of these bird boxes are carefully manufactured and assembled according to exacting standards. Each comes with a 1 year manufacturers warrantee. The song is as loud and strong as in the best years of Griesbaum -- and in some cases better. ~110mm wide.
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