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Singing birds, mechanical birds, singing bird boxes, musical automata
Our Products
Faberge Imperial Eggs, Faberge Musical Eggs and other exquisite items
Le Ore clocks, Italian inlay and marquetry
Reuge singing bird box automaton in blue and white enamel with jewels
Le Ore Italian Inlay Upright Music Box Symphonium with German Movement
MMM Symphonion Singing Bird Box Automaton in Gilt and Enamel
Reuge Magic Forest Singing Bird Box Automaton
Steuben Crystal Engraved Nutcracker with Reuge Movement
Boegli Musical Watch with Alarm
Faberge Singing Bird Imperial Musical Egg - exquisite!
MMM Symphonion Whistler Figure
Close up of Singing Bird Box with Antique Feathers
Reuge Singing Bird in Antiqued Cage - New
MMM Gold-plated sterling silver bird box - 125mm
Reuge cylinder music box with bells
Griesbaum Antique Singing Bird Box Automaton in Gilt
Antique Ingraham Clock with Grecian Clock Topper in Gold Leaf
Replogle Globes
Replogle 38700 13
Rare Fortuna Disc Music Box
Replogle Globes