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Faberge Basket of Wild Flowers Egg in White/Blue Enamel
Imperial Basket of Wild Flowers Egg Circa 1901. This exquisite egg is designed as a basket that contains an abundant and colorful bouquet of enameled wild flowers, complete with leaves and moss of gold. The white and blue egg is decorated with an elaborate trellis design accented with hand-cut Austrian crystals. The vase bears the date 1901, the year Czar Nicholas II presented the egg to Czarina Alexandra Fedorovna. Today, the Imperial Basket of Wild Flowers Egg is part of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II Collection. 9" tall.
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The Coronation Accessories Collection
as Royal Houses, led to the creation of the Faberge Objets d'Art, and an almost limitless
assortment of accessories.  Faberge's sense of design and execution, to even the smallest of
Faberge's creative design and exquisite creation.  
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Newer Faberge Items
Faberge Musical Egg: (New) Bouquet of Lilies Egg ca. 1899
Also referred to as The Madonna Lily Egg, is covered in yellow-gold enamel guilloche accented in 24K gold and divided into panels with twelve strips of rose-cut crystals. An opaque white enamel ribbon dial divides the egg and is inlaid with twelve Roman numerals. On the original egg, a diamond-set bow and arrow indicated the time as the Roman numerals revolved around the perimeter of the egg. In place of a revolving clock, this museum reproduction is a musical egg that plays the Anniversary Waltz. The egg, supported by golden scrolls, forms a vase crowned with a bouquet of delicately carved lilies (symbols of purity and innocence) and green leaves on golden stems. The pistils of the flowers are set with crystals. The bouquet is surrounded by a ring of red and yellow roses (symbols of love). The egg sits on a rectangular base of yellow-gold enamel guilloche accented with gold and the date 1899 in crystals. Size: 10"H
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Faberge Egg: (New) Cradle with Garland's Egg ca. 1907
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When Czar Nicholas II presented the delicate Rose Trellis Egg to his wife Empress Alexandra on Easter morning 1907, he also presented the Cradle with Garlands Egg to his Mother, the Dowager EmpressMaria Fedorovna. The Cradle with Garlands Egg has also been called the Trophy Egg but the name Cradle with Garlands Egg is more fitting. It was a tradition that the appearance and contents of the Faberge Easter Eggs were adapted to events in the life of the Romanov family. Both the Rose Trellis Egg and the Cradle with Garlands Egg were commissioned to celebrate the birth of Czarevich Alexei Nicholaievich, son of Czar Nicholas II - the long awaited heir to the Romanov throne. The egg suggests a cradle decorated with garlands and the original surprise was the first portrait of the Czarevich in a medallion surrounded by diamonds. The egg, of an elegant pale blue enamel guilloche, is crafted in the Louis XVI style. The top is accented with a border of pink enamel roses, emerald green enameled vines and panels of oyster enamel. It sits in a crystal studded gold cradle that is supported by four columns depicting Cupid's arrows set with crystals and is accented with a hanging garland of pink enameled roses. The whole is supported by a carved base accented with pink flowers on a blue enamel field and stands on four golden bun feet. A surprise of a jeweled medallion rests in the lined interior. Size: 6-1/2"H in Stand.
Faberge Coronation Cake Server
The handle is crafted with Faberge's Imperial Coronation Egg design, detailed with pearls, and topped with a crystal studded Imperial crown. Maintaining a Faberge tradition, this cake server possesses a shimmering touch of sophisticated elegance. Length 10"
Faberge Coronation Paperweight
The Faberge Coronation Paperweight is part of the Coronation Accessories collection inspired by the Faberge Coronation Egg. It has a copper wheel engraved crystal insert available in the Romanov Eagle design OR it can be ordered with a single personalized initial (A to Z).
Faberge Coronation Business Card Holder
Crafted in the famous Faberge Imperial Coronation Egg design, with Czar Nicholas II initial. It can also be ordered with personalized initial (A to Z). 3 1/4" x 2 1/4".
Faberge Coronation Letter Opener
Handcrafted with Faberge's Imperial Coronation Egg design, this handsome letter opener has hand-carved jade blade. Length 11".
Faberge Imperial Coronation Enamel Guilloche Box
A reproduction of the box given to Czar Nicholas II by his wife the Empress Alexandra Fedorovna in 1897. The original box is decorated with the initial of Czar Nicholas II, however the box may be ordered with a personalized initial (A to Z). 3 3/4" x 2 5/8"
Faberge Coronation Picture Frame
Handcrafted in Faberge's Imperial Coronation Egg design, this handsome picture frame can display pictures of approximately 3"x3". Outside dimension: 5 3/4" x 6 1/2".
Faberge Coronation Imperial Cross
Handcrafted in Faberge's Imperial Coronation Egg design, this majestic cross makes a perfect gift. Height 6 3/4".
Faberge Coronation Travel Frame with Mirror
Handcrafted in Faberge's Imperial Coronation Egg design, this handsome travel mirror is also designed to hold a favorite photograph. Outside dimension: 2 1/2" x 3".
Faberge Limoges Box with Coronation Design
Faberge hinged Limoges covered box with Coronation Egg Design. Round 2 1/2" diameter.
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