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Faberge Imperial Eggs
Faberge Egg: Anastasia Egg
An enamel guilloche egg sits on a tripod stand and opens to reveal a faceted crystal egg pendant. Height 3" with stand. Available in five colors: Green, Yellow, Light Blue, Red, Cobalt Blue.
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Faberge Egg: Imperial Hen Egg
This is the first Imperial Easter Egg made by Peter Carl Faberge for Czar Alexander III. This was the beginning of a tradition that would last for 32 years. Easter is the most important celebration of the Russian Church year, as significant as Christmas is in the West. The Imperial Hen Egg is enameled in opaque white and polished to give the effect of eggshell. The shell conceals a removable matte yellow-gold yolk. Inside the yolk is an egg pendant to wear. Height 3" with stand. Available in Pink, Green, Light Blue, White, Lavender.
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Faberge Eggs: Imperial Lilies of the Valley Egg ca. 1898
Given by Czar Nicholas II to his wife, the Empress Alexandra Fedorovna in 1898, the Imperial Lilies of the Valley egg is one of three Art Nouveau eggs created by Faberge. This floral creation is a fantasy of nature. Green stalks and pearls scale the rose-colored guilloche enamel egg, their leaves realistically enameled translucent green. The surprise, three miniature photo frames, rise from the top of the egg. The frames contain photographs of Czar Nicholas II and his two eldest daughters, Grand Duchess Olga and Grand Duchess Tatiana. Height 6" overall.
Faberge Eggs: Imperial Lilies of the Valley Egg ca. 1898
Hand-painted Limoges porcelain with a "Basket of Lilies of the Valley" surprise made of 24k gold-plated sterling silver and hand-painted enamel. Signed and numbered limited edition. Height 4 1/2".
Faberge Eggs: Lilies of the Valley Rose Quartz Egg
This beautiful egg is made of hand-carved rose quartz and adorned with more than 60 genuine South Sea pearls. All ornamentation is 24k gold-plated sterling silver. Height 7".
Faberge Eggs: Imperial Peter the Great Egg ca. 1903
Made of Limoges porcelain, this reproduction egg is decorated with 24k gold-plated incrustation and features a gold-plated sterling silver replica of Falconet's massive equestrian statue of Peter the Great on horseback. Limited Edition. Height 8".
Faberge Eggs: Imperial Gatchina Palace Egg ca. 1901
Hand-painted Limoges porcelain with carousel horse surprise. Signed and numbered limited edition. Height 3 1/2".
Faberge Eggs: Kelkh Hen Egg
Commissioned in 1898, the Kelkh Hen Egg is the first of seven extraordinary eggs created for Varvara Kelkh (a wealthy heiress) that rival in importance and beauty the eggs made for the Czars. The outside of the egg is deep ruby-red enamel with a band of hand-set Austrian crystals encircling the egg's perimeter. Inside, the egg contains an oval of matte white with a matte yellow yolk. The yolk opens to reveal a brightly enameled hen that opens to disclose a tiny portrait of Czarevich Alexei, propped on an easel. Height 3 1/2" without stand.
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Faberge Egg: (New) Cradle with Garland's Egg ca. 1907
When Czar Nicholas II presented the delicate Rose Trellis Egg to his wife Empress Alexandra on Easter morning 1907, he also presented the Cradle with Garlands Egg to his Mother, the Dowager EmpressMaria Fedorovna. The Cradle with Garlands Egg has also been called the Trophy Egg but the name Cradle with Garlands Egg is more fitting. It was a tradition that the appearance and contents of the Faberge Easter Eggs were adapted to events in the life of the Romanov family. Both the Rose Trellis Egg and the Cradle with Garlands Egg were commissioned to celebrate the birth of Czarevich Alexei Nicholaievich, son of Czar Nicholas II - the long awaited heir to the Romanov throne. The egg suggests a cradle decorated with garlands and the original surprise was the first portrait of the Czarevich in a medallion surrounded by diamonds. The egg, of an elegant pale blue enamel guilloche, is crafted in the Louis XVI style. The top is accented with a border of pink enamel roses, emerald green enameled vines and panels of oyster enamel. It sits in a crystal studded gold cradle that is supported by four columns depicting Cupid's arrows set with crystals and is accented with a hanging garland of pink enameled roses. The whole is supported by a carved base accented with pink flowers on a blue enamel field and stands on four golden bun feet. A surprise of a jeweled medallion rests in the lined interior. Size: 6-1/2"H in Stand.