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Faberge Eggs: Imperial Coronation Egg ca.1897
One of the most fanciful and well-known of all of the Faberge Imperial Eggs. Given by Czar Nicholas II to Empress Alexandra Fedorovna in 1897, on the first easter following their coronation, this egg is a masterpiece of craftsmanship. The egg itself is enameled a lustrous translucent yellow on an engraved starburst field trellised with bands of laurel. Black enameled doubled-headed eagles of the Romanov family crest, set with crystal are perched at each intersection. The color of the egg is taken from the gold engine-trimmed robes worn by Their Imperial Majesties to their coronation. The surprise inside the egg is a replica of the Imperial Coronation coach in which the Empress rode to the ceremony. Height 5" without stand.
Faberge Egg: Imperial Rose Trellis Egg
The spectactular Imperial Rose Trellis egg, originally created in 1907, celebrated the birth of Czarevich Alexi, son and heir of Nicholas and Alexandra. The pink enamel roses, centered within each lattice, enhance the delicacy of the 1,000 hand-set Austrian crystal trellises. The roses are set among old vines and tiny emerald green leaves. While the original surprise is lost, this Rose Trellis egg features a rose-colored enamel oval portrait. Height 3 1/4" without stand.
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Faberge Imperial Eggs
Faberge Egg: Imperial Clover Egg
Originally presented in 1902, by Czar Nicholas II to his wife Empress Alexandra Fedorovna, the entire shell is covered with green enamel pique-a-jour green enamel and three-leaf clovers. A ribbon of ruby crystals is threaded between the clover leaves. A tripod stand, also embellished with clover leaves supports the egg. When opened the egg reveals its surprise, a 24k gold-plated four-leaf clover brooch, which can be worn.
Faberge Egg: Imperial Swan Egg
In Russia, the swan is considered a symbol of family life and the permanence of the bond of marriage. Swans always live in pairs and are devoted to each other all their lives. Therefore, it was most appropriate to present the Imperial Swan Egg to the Dowager Empress Maria Fedorovna on the occasion of her 40th wedding anniversary. The egg is made of opaque mauve enamel with a crystal encrusted trellis design. The surprise inside the egg is a swan which also holds a pendant. Height 4" without stand.
Faberge Eggs: Imperial Fifteenth Anniversary Egg
The Fifteenth Anniversary egg is the most personal of all the eggs created for Nicholas II and his wife, Alexandra Fedorovna, and one of the most exquisite Easter eggs produced by Faberge. Made to commemorate the 15th anniversary of Czar Nicholas' ascension to the throne, the egg is set with 18 oval miniature panels painted by Vassilii Zulev of the Czar, the Empress Alexandra, and their four daughters. Additional rectangular miniatures depict the principal achievements of Nicholas II reign over fifteen years, and capture the principal events up to 1911. Height 5 1/8" without stand.
Faberge Egg: Imperial Rosebud Egg Collection
The Rosebud Egg was created for the Empress Alexandra Fedorovna, who was originally from Germany. In Germany yellow is considered the noblest color for a rose and Faberge thought it appropriate to create this yellow rosebud as a surprise for the Empress. Made with striking translucent strawberry red enamel guilloche that is divided by rows of hand-set Austrian crystals. A hinged yellow and green rosebud is concealed inside the egg. When opened this flower reveals its own surprise, a miniature egg pendant. Height 2 1/2" without stand. Available in 5 colors (select from: red with yellow bud, green with pink bud, cobalt blue with red bud, sky blue with white bud, yellow with violet bud).
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Faberge Egg: Imperial Spring Flowers Egg
In 1890 Czar Alexander III gave the original egg as a gift to his Mother the Empress Maria Fedorovna. This strawberry red enamel egg with a guilloche ground is laced with delicate neo-rococo 24k gold-plated scrolls and stands on a jade base. Height 3 1/2" overall.
Faberge Eggs: Imperial Peter the Great Egg
ca. 1903 -- originally presented by Czar Nicholas II to his wife, the Empress Alexandra Fedorovna in 1903. This lavish rococo-revival style egg was made by Faberge to celebrate the 200th Anniversary of the founding of St. Petersburg in 1703 by Peter the Great. The shell of this egg is richly decorated with 675 hand-set Austrian crystals. The egg's extravagant design pays tribute to both Peter the Great and Czar Nicholas II. Inside the egg is a miniature of the equestrian statue of Peter the Great that still stands on the banks of the Neva river in Russia. Height 4 1/2" without stand.
Faberge Egg: Imperial Twelve Monogram Egg
Though NON-MUSICAL, this is one of the most spectacular Faberge Eggs. The Twelve Monogram Egg is a reproduction of a 1895 classic. It is hand-painted Limoges porcelain and the "surprise" inside is a 24k gold-plated crown. Hidden inside the crown is an enamel guilloches pendant. This is a limited edition piece -- 8" tall.
Faberge Egg: Rose Quartz Egg on Black Onyx Base
A hand-carved Faberge Egg made of rose quartz accented with amethyst, jade, citrine, and rock crystal. Detailed with 24k gold-plated sterling silver and mounted on black onyx base.
Faberge Eggs: Malachite Coach Egg
The Malachite Coach Egg opens to reveal a compartment for a surprise of your own. The hand carved Malachite egg is attached to a coach and pulled by two 24k gold-plated sterling silver reindeer. All ornamentation is 24k gold-plated sterling silver. The base is made of white calcite. Base 4x12", Height 8 1/2".
Faberge Eggs: Imperial Pansy Egg
A reproduction of the original egg made by Faberge in 1899. The polished and carved jade Art Nouveau style egg is decorated with genuine rubies, diamonds, and citrines (154 diamonds totaling 1.54 carats, 170 rubies totaling 6.46 carats, and 4 citrines, total weight .60 carat). Features a silver gilt base of spiraling and twisting leaves and twigs which supports the egg and opens to reveal a magnificent heart shaped red agate picture frame with a diamond set rim (.29 ct), and one diamond in the crown (.04 ct). Height 5 3/4".
Faberge Eggs: Imperial Gatchina Palace Egg ca. 1901
Regarded as one of Faberge's best compositions, this superb, delicate egg, is enameled opalescent white, the shell engraved on a gold moire guilloche ground. It is divided vertically into six panels by strips of tiny seed pearls and horizontally at its hinged center. The sections are decorated with pink ribbon-tied swags and roses which hang classical motifs and symbols of the arts and sciences. When the egg is opened, a wonderfully rendered model of the Gatchina Palace, near St. Petersburg, is revealed. Under the model of the palace, a velvet-lined space conceals a beautiful surprise. The Gatchina Palace was the Dowager Empress Maria Fedorovna's favorite winter residence.
Faberge Eggs: Imperial Danish Jubilee Egg ca. 1903
Empress Maria Fedorovna. The most important family event for the Empress in 1902 was her visit to Copenhagen for the 50th anniversary of the ascension of her father, King Christian IX, to the throne of Denmark. This golden jubilee event was commemorated in this egg. The outer surface of the egg is light blue and white enamel with ornaments in gold and hand-set Austrian crystals. The egg is surmounted by a Danish royal elephant and supported by three Danish Heraldic lions. The surprise inside is a miniature picture frame. Height 10" overall.
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Faberge Basket of Wild Flowers Egg in White/Blue Enamel
Imperial Basket of Wild Flowers Egg Circa 1901. This exquisite egg is designed as a basket that contains an abundant and colorful bouquet of enameled wild flowers, complete with leaves and moss of gold. The white and blue egg is decorated with an elaborate trellis design accented with hand-cut Austrian crystals. The vase bears the date 1901, the year Czar Nicholas II presented the egg to Czarina Alexandra Fedorovna. Today, the Imperial Basket of Wild Flowers Egg is part of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II Collection. 9" tall.
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